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This cruise is meant for those serious female entrepreneurs who are ready to be clear on who you are and what your message is!  If you are tired of the boring meeting rooms, power points, florescent lighting, then THIS Cruise is for you!   Each Day will include a magical mix of interactive excursions, and experiences, what WINN likes to call edutaining!


Set sail on a 3 night 4 day Caribbean cruise with WINN In Life and Business. 



As you board the Carnival Liberty you begin to cast away those limiting beliefs that are holding you back, knowing this is exactly where you need to be to achieve your dreams. As you relax on the ship with your sisters in business you will form relationships that will last a lifetime. Through activities on board and excursions, Becky and Sabrina will lead you through knowing who you are, what your message is, and what sets you apart from your competition. Each day will include a magical mix of edutaining experiences, time for reflection, and plenty of shenanigans! Trust us, it works!











This is perfect for you if….


You experience limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough….”  “I’ll never make this work…”No one will take me seriously….”


You think you need to market to everyone to gain clients and make sales


You are afraid of people telling you no


You want to create a brand that has long-term followers


You want to be seen as the expert in your niche


You want the support and accountability from a sisterhood


You’re tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and trying to do ALL of the things



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 Can You Relate?


I was in a new business and I was eager to help people improve their lives. I was told to talk to everyone I met or saw during my day. I was in love with my products and services and thought EVERYONE else would be, too. I started to talk to friends and family, and with each “No” I received, I quickly realized not everyone loved them as much as I did. I started to think no one would want what I had to offer, so I stopped sharing and my excitement dwindled. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong with my marketing. I had a Facebook group, an Instagram page, and even a website! But none of that was bringing in new referrals. In fact, it felt like the opposite was happening, my engagement on my posts went down, I lost “likes” on my pages, and self-doubt came flooding in even more. There was one point where I even thought about throwing in the towel and going back to a “real job”.


I spent some time reflecting on why I got into business for myself. The deep down WHY. Once I had that I started thinking about my favorite people to work with, the ones that really benefited from my products and services. I focused on speaking specifically and clearly to them about what I had to offer. I created a message that resonated with these people. And ya know what happened? I started getting more engagement on my pages, I started having people sharing my pages with their friends. In fact, I even had 2 people reach out to me in one week because they talked to a client who spoke so highly of me they had to know what it was all about! And when I stated my prices they didn’t run away screaming!




The Fine Print….


Your fee of includes:


Ocean View room


Food and drink (coffee, tea, water, juice, milk) (alcohol and soda packages available at an additional cost to you)


Priceless edutaining experiences



Your fee does not include:


Airfare to Miami


Transportation to the cruise ship


Drink packages on board


Additional charges on food or activities not included in the package


We will board in Miami on February 21, 2019, and spend the next 4 days at sea, stopping for excursions in Key West and Cozumel.


Prices are Double Occupancy, which means you’ll share your room with another person. If you bring your own roommate, awesome! If not, we’ll put you with another sister from our group.


Prices are for Ocean View. If you would like to upgrade your stateroom you are responsible for any additional charges.


Edutaining experiences are led by Becky Branton Griemann and Sabrina Rogers.







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