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I am a Business Coach and the founder of Women Helping Women WINN! My goal is to help women form powerful partnerships and connections to promote their businesses and careers.  As a Business Coach I offer accountability and business development for professionals. I offer coaching nationwide by webinars, as well as one-on- one coaching through stepping stones coaching.  I look forward to getting to know you. 





I am a natural light photographer specializing in family , senior photography, weddings and special events.  I am based in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. I travel between Minnesota and Madison for sessions and weddings. I am the Vice President of Women Helping Women Winn and have been involved since the beginning. I am also the Executive Director of Members and the Director of our La Crosse, Wisconsin chapter.  I look forward to meeting you during a one-to-one, at a meeting or at a convention.     



I am a Virtual Assistant by Day with WINN in Life & Business and the Executive Director of Administration. I assist in membership applications,  and anything that revolves around paper!  Being a Virtual Assistant, I like helping people get their businesses going. I really enjoy one-on-ones because that is where we really get to know each other. I look forward to meeting you.  


I am the Executive Director of Special Events. I coordinate events and new WINN locations. I am also the Office Administrator for DR Medical Rides. I work with our head of operations, recruiters and drivers to ensure our needs are met with in the company and with the states we work with. What I love the most is helping dedicated women reach their goals and achieve their dreams. I would love to sit down with you over a cup of Coffee!



I am the Executive Director of Director Certification and Retreats. I joined WINN as a member in 2013 and eventually became a director. I work alongside Becky to create phenomenal director training, which leads to phenomenal leaders and chapters, along with fun and educational retreats.

I am a licensed mental health counselor & a certified personal trainer, assisting people in creating the lasting behavior change they seek. Sessions can incorporate physical exercise to provide an efficient and affordable solution to your total body wellness. Together we can find your healthily ever after.

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