About Becky Branton-Griemann

Becky Branton-Griemann is a Business Coach and also the founder of Women Helping Women WINN, a networking organization focused on building professional business women’s networking portfolios, passing referrals and educating business women on how to succeed in their industry. 


Becky knows that the path to success for women can sometimes be difficult.  Growing up on a small farm in a small town (Poynette WI), Becky was one of the very few in her family to go on to college, where she study nursing and then pursued her nursing degree at the University of Wisconsin. She went on to earn 4 medical degrees in the nursing field and worked in the medical field for 12 years. After 12 years of feeling dissatisfied with the health care system, she felt the need to help people in a different way, she then returned to what got her through college, direct sales, where she ended up in the top 2% of her company. From there, she went back to college again and on to become a business coach, following her dreams to help everyone get what they need and want out of life, personally, professionally and spiritually.


Becky’s number one advice would be to turn off the interruptions!  If someone is dying, they will not text, email, Facebook, or Tweet you!


Although Becky is a country girl who loves spending time on the farm with the mini donkeys she enjoys traveling and meeting new people.


Her Favorite Quote is of her own, “You never Arrive”, to describe her philosophy. She believes that you are never going to be at the final moment. You are always learning and growing. For Becky her faith and helping others is very important in her life.

Through Women Helping Women WINN, Becky has helped women form powerful partnerships and connections to promote their businesses and careers. She has also been able to contribute to an issue that is near and dear to her heart and that she has experienced firsthand and that is domestic violence.



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