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WINN in Life and Business was created as a subset of Women Helping Women WINN .Becky Branton-Griemann founded the business women’s networking organization in March 2011 after being a part of a major networking group which consisted of mostly men. She felt the registration was too expensive and the schedule was too demanding. She decided to come up with a more affordable networking option that would fit into a busy woman’s schedule.


Four years later, Becky is at it again! After spending time with woman of different ages, backgrounds and careers, she decided that she wanted to help woman all over the country. She joined forces with Sabrina Rogers and Katy Bailey and WINN in Life and Business was born.


Our mission is to help women improve their lives both professionally and personally. More often than not, women having a way of creating their own roadblocks that stop them from growth. The goal is to redirect your focus to increase your profits and productivity. We offer one-on-one coaching, full-day seminars and on-demand webinars so women have the option to choose whichever option will help them learn best.


We are excited to see how WINN in Life & Business continues to evolve and are looking forward to working with you!



WINN in Life & Business, Business workshops are offered to groups as small as 3 to hundreds.  Several seminars available and as low as $10 per person. (fees vary depending on amount of people in attendance). This is perfect for price-sensitive clients, who prefer a group environment and people who want an entry level way to experience coaching.


Stepping Stone Coaching Provides tools, discipline and guidance most business professionals need to accomplish their goals. Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Starting at as little as $40 per session.


Majority of clients prefer this way of coaching. It is hands on, personal business coaching to fit your needs. Need help in Marketing, Sales, Personal Growth, etc., this is for you. Starting at as little as $40 per Session.


Additional Services • Accountability Check-ins • Emails •  Assessments • Written Coaching •  Session Reports • Consulting • “Done-for-You” Services • Resume • Marketing Plan Creation • Employee Training... and more!



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To register for an event or for more info contact: (608) 535-WINN or


P.O. Box 23, Lodi, WI 53555